Friday, November 3rd, 2023 on ITV1 at 8:00pm

DANIEL CAN’T IGNORE THE EVIDENCE Daniel confides in Ken that he suspects something is going on between Ryan and Daisy, but he needs proof. Ken advises him to tread carefully. Daniel corners Ryan and after last night’s debacle demands to know what’s going on. Ryan tells him that he confessed his love to Daisy! 

ELIZA’S BLACK EYE SENDS STU RED Stu and Yasmeen are concerned to see Eliza sporting a black eye. Eliza explains that she took a hit in Taekwondo but it’s nothing to worry about. Felicity calls to talk to Eliza. Yasmeen and Eliza are shocked to realise Stu alerted Social Services.

AADI’S GIVEN HOPE Aadi calls in the café in his Freshco uniform and tells Nina that he plans to earn enough money so that he can support Courtney. Nina masks her concern. Back at the precinct flat Courtney waits for Aadi.

ELSEWHERE As Dylan sets off on his paper round, Mason approaches with some girls and makes fun of him. When Leyla sticks up for Dylan and points out that at least he’s earning some money, Dylan throws her a grateful glance. Later overhearing how George’s house will be empty for a couple of days while Glenda’s away, Mason puts pressure on Dylan to steal the keys so they can throw a party. When Peter reveals he’s off to an alcoholics’ meeting, Toyah offers to go with him and Peter’s grateful.

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