Monday, October 30th, 2023 on ITV1 at 8:00pm

RYAN AND DAISY ARE HAUNTED BY THEIR SECRET Ryan is shocked when he sees Lauren get a notification from O-Vidz and she admits she has been posting content. Pointing out she is underage Ryan threatens to report her but Lauren insists she needs the money and if he reports her she will tell Daniel about Ryan and Lauren. Ryan tells Daisy about Lauren’s porn videos and how he had to report her out of a sense of duty but fears she’ll spill her guts to Daniel out of revenge. Are Daisy and Daniel about to be found out?  

BERNIE URGES DEV TO PUT THINGS RIGHT On Bernie’s advice, Dev calls at the precinct flat intent on making peace with Aadi. But how will Dev feel when he discovers Aadi has got a job stacking shelves at Freshco?

ELSEWHERE In the bistro, the Halloween party gets underway and Nick shows Sam and Hope to their table. Dee-Dee puts pressure on Sarah to give Michael his job back. Over dinner, Sam and Hope agree to give their relationship another go.

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