Tuesday, October 24th, 2023 on RTE One at 8:00pm

Pete pushes ahead with minding baby Nora despite his back problems. Pete covers how much his back injury is affecting his ability to mind baby Nora. Doug leaves Pete and Dolores a list of instructions for looking after Nora. Pete continues to hide the extent of his back injury from everyone.

James is surprised when Rafferty offers his sincere congratulations on the engagement. Sharon hides Carol’s comment about the kidnapping from Rafferty. Craig warns Carol that Bo is dangerous. Carol tries to warn Hayley about James, but Hayley tells her to back off.

Hughie tries to cheer up Zoe. Joan makes it clear to Zoe that nothing has changed in her endeavour to get revenge. Paul encourages Joan to let go of the bitterness and focus on getting better. Joan decides to take Gar and Dearbhla up on their offer to join them at a spa retreat. 
Leo worries that Bosco has thrown out his guitar after realising it’s missing. Bob and Hughie wind Leo up that Bosco has sold his missing guitar. Leo realises he’s got the wrong end of the stick when Bosco returns his guitar after having a scratch repaired for him. 

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