Tuesday, October 24th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

John nurses a hangover from the team bonding cocktail night. Xander joins him but is far from sympathetic. Remember how John broke that expensive bottle of whiskey last night, and said he’ll deal with it tomorrow? Well, now it’s tomorrow. But John delivers every excuse to avoid a confession. Meanwhile, Mackenzie notices immediately there’s a bottle of whiskey unaccounted for. Xander decides not to lie for John any longer, forcing John to confess. The details of which prove that Xander was letting patrons help themselves behind the bar, and now Mackenzie’s trust in him is broken. Now Mackenzie will have to postpone her trip. Even though John pays up the full amount – no discount! – it may not be enough to change Mackenzie’s mind.

Justin is prepping Theo’s TAFE curriculum, but Leah intervenes to have a private word with her nephew. She and Justin are concerned that Theo isn’t being honest with himself. Despite his determination to convince them that he’s ready to re-take the course, it seems to them that he’s settling. He’s too young and talented to give up on his dreams. He admits, of course he wanted the band to take the world by storm. But it didn’t happen, and now he’s ready for plan B. He explains that if you don’t have a dream, you don’t get disappointed.

Roo is making progress with her recovery, thanks to the help of Doctor Bree and the support of Alf. Marilyn is also primed to fuss over her, offering cakes and an arm to walk with, but she is coldly rejected. The tension is so thick, that even Alf is forced to admit that Marilyn is on thin ice with Roo. While Roo is troubled with uncertainty of when she will be able to go home, Marilyn and Alf determine that the source of Roo’s frustration is due to Marilyn not visiting her. But when she shows up to clear the air, Roo is the one who is clear – her condition is all Marilyn’s fault.

By Eastieoaks

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