Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 on E4 at 7:00pm

Warren calls in Norma, Joel and Leela to help figure out how to improve business at The Loft. Ella is left feeling hurt when Warren misses dinner with her, but when Norma overhears she invites her to join them all in The Loft.

Goldie is concerned about John Paul attending Carter’s group session camping trip. When Carter refuses to give his daughter driving lessons, Freya turns to John Paul instead, but it gets too much for the McQueen when he admits he hasn’t been in a car since the accident. Freya tells the McQueen she forgives him, but the lesson is put to a stop by an angry Carter, leaving the teen to express her hurt towards her dad. Carter apologises to John Paul for the way he reacted, and the two men make amends. Later, John Paul is horrified to discover his attacker, Jackson too is joining the group camping trip.

Scott has put on a scary movie marathon at the Youth Centre for Halloween, reluctantly Leah, Lucas and Dillon attend and realise they’re the only ones. When the teens actions lead to Beau banning them Dillon comes up with a way to get their own back…

By Eastieoaks

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