Thursday, October 26th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Felicity’s driving suspension is over, and while she’s excited about her future, so is Tane. In fact, his New Zealand visit had him notice how quickly his baby cousins are growing up, and this motivates him to sit Felicity down for a serious conversation. But all Felicity sees is red flags. She doesn’t want kids, and she doesn’t want to have this conversation. Telling Tane she’s needed at work, she actually sidesteps to crash Eden and Remi’s writing retreat.

Eden and Remi are at a creative impasse. They’re biggest hope to keep the band alive is a song fuelled by resentment for Kirby, which would break her should she ever hear it. When Felicity admits she only came here to hide from Tane and their conversation about having children, Remi calls it off. It’s time all of them stopped running and faced reality. Upon returning it is not long before Felicity runs straight into Tane, who has been searching for her. He finally has the chance to explain that the big talk he wanted to have was not about babies at all…it was about the two of them moving to New Zealand.

Kirby is ecstatic about the enormous surfboard gift sitting in her living room, and Forrest comments that she may be distanced from Remi and Eden, but she clearly has a lot of friends. But Kirby is still tender, they were more like family to her. When she bumps into them later at Salt, Kirby is eager to start repairing. But the conversation is icy, and the damage is deep. Kirby returns to Forrest, head in the game over her solo launch plans, and Eden returns with vengeance to writing the song of Kirby’s betrayal.

Cash updates Harper after having spoken with Anti-Corruption. They cannot meet with him until next week. Harper presses for more urgency on the matter, but Cash is already doing everything he can. They have to hold tight. But this proves difficult as Irene arrives home early. Harper races to hide the fact that she’s been harbouring a fugitive under Irene’s roof. Meanwhile, Detective Madden turns up on Cash’s doorstep for a confrontation, but the upper hand shifts quickly between them. Next, Madden’s at Irene’s front door, determined to take Harper into the station, but Irene is not easily brushed aside. He needs to either get a warrant or get out. Now that she’s rid of their Madden problem, Irene bursts open Harper’s door to reveal Dana, and the girls better start talking.

By Eastieoaks

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