Friday, October 27th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

Kirby’s spirited solo launch preparation is tarnished by her run in with Remi and Eden, and now she feels it’s even more important that everything run perfectly. Forrest has already made plans for the album photo-shoot, and she convinces him to let her share her ideas with the label. But Kirby’s suggestions are not approved, and the machine that she is now a part of will continue without her input. Forrest insists that she needs to trust him, but Kirby does not find this simple. She discloses to Justin that the label’s vision is very different to her own. She’s going to have to shift her thinking in order to make this arrangement work.

Irene is interrogating Harper and her stowaway sister, Dana. Cash vouches for them, but he also confirms that if Irene continues to harbour Dana, then she’s breaking the law. However, if she chooses to turn Dana over to the authorities, Dana will be sent to prison for something she didn’t do. Irene returns to her new roommates, affirming that her house has always been a refuge for those in need, and she doesn’t want that to change. Even if it means breaking the law.

Tane continues his pitch to Felicity for them to buy a plot of land in New Zealand. He has the whole thing lined up. There’s a great patch of land available now, it’s within their price range, and it’s a meaningful decision for him, being the perfect location. Felicity takes the night to consider and decides that it has been Tane’s connection to place that has changed her own definition of home. Home for her now is wherever he is, and if that’s New Zealand, then she can see herself living there.

Detective Madden schemes with Fletcher, another corrupt cop who has been observing Cash. They eventually get the warrant they needed, and barge into Irene’s house to place Harper under arrest. But Dana won’t let that happen to her sister and chooses to reveal herself. She’s the one they really want, and the corrupt officers waste no time taking Dana in. When Harper, Irene and Cash all meet at the station to intercept, they’re floored – Detective Madden, Fletcher, and Dana never arrived. Where have they taken Dana?

By Eastieoaks

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