Monday, October 30th, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1:00pm

Harper and Irene are on tenterhooks at the station with Cash in the wake of Dana’s sudden arrest. Something’s not right, and Harper knows it. Cash tries to chase a lead in the city, but Madden has already warned the station about a country cop trying to stick his nose in – he’s been shut out of the investigation. Harper worries – Madden is definitely corrupt, but is he also capable of hurting Dana?

Meanwhile, Dana is terrified. She’s been kidnapped by Madden and cuffed to a chair in an abandoned shack. Madden makes his intention clear to frame her and leaves his associate, Fletcher with a chilling instruction – “Don’t make a move until I establish my alibi”. After lying that Dana has escaped custody, Madden sends Fletcher a text: ‘Do it now’. Fletcher pulls on gloves and produces a syringe as it dawns on Dana that he’s going to kill her and stage it as an overdose. Fighting for her life, she manages to kick her captor in the chest and hit him with the chair. He’s out cold but the shack is still locked – can she escape? She manages to sneak Fletcher’s phone and place a call to Harper, but just as the call connects, Fletcher grabs her from behind. Dana isn’t free yet, but at least the call is traceable. She’s bought herself more time…

Tane and Felicity are excited by the idea of buying land in New Zealand and John can’t resist sticking his nose in – putting themselves into lifelong debt is bigger than buying a house, he offers. When John asks if the couple might have plans to expand their family, Felicity bites back, and sarcastically puts John in his place. Tane has a glint in his eye as he gazes at Felicity – has John put an idea in his head?

By Eastieoaks

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