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Reece struggles under the weight of her lies. A huge decision is made on the future of Erinsborough. In an attempt at peace, Cara addresses her issues head-on.

Caught out, Reece can’t lie to Byron any longer. Her true purpose in Erinsborough is to search for her missing sister. Krista, the wild child of the family, has been off the radar for a year and this is the last place she’s been traced to. Her father wanted to keep this situation very hush-hush which is why he sent Reece to secretly investigate. Initially she wasn’t too worried about her rebel sister but after finding her sister’s lost necklace, it’s now started to hit home that this could be serious. Byron offers to help Reece any way he can, and they find out Krista had a car with her at Lassiters, but unable to trace this it soon proves to be yet another dead end.

A decision on the fate of Erinsborough High arrives before anyone expects it – the school will be closed and Terese will get the land for her retirement development. Terese is stunned and delighted her project is going ahead and she celebrates with Toadie, leaving Paul feeling left out of her new life. Meanwhile Jane is absolutely devastated. As she tries to come to terms with her loss, she learns that Mike has been offered a fantastic job in the UK. It seems only sensible that he should take but can they handle the distance for even longer?

JJ apologises to Andrew for disappearing the other day, prompting Andrew to offer more driving lessons, which JJ can’t help but accept, despite the risk. Cara and Remi aren’t keen on the idea – they’re unhappy with Andrew after Cara’s run in with him over parenting styles. But when Cara goes over to tell him she’s been asked to give evidence at the WorkSafe tribunal, which may escalate the harassment she’s been receiving, Andrew is reassuring that he’s doing everything he can to protect her and her family, and Cara softens towards him – deciding to allow the driving lessons. Cara is happy thinking they’re in safe hands now… until a package of suspicious white powder is delivered to the house.

By Eastieoaks

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