Monday, October 30th, 2023 on Amazon Freevee at 7:00am

Remi faces a potentially deadly threat, throwing the Varga-Murphy’s lives into turmoil. Haz and Holly come face to face with Holly’s violent ex, putting their safety on the line.

Remi orders Cara and the boys out of the house, terrified about the white powder. JJ rushes across to alert Andrew and he springs into action, contacting emergency services and reassuring Cara and the boys that this is most likely a hoax. But they’re all terrified for Remi.

Meanwhile, just when all hope of finding Eden is lost, Sadie realises she’s left a tracker in her purse. The group are stunned when she uses it to find the exact location Eden must be. Haz and Holly decide to drive straight there and confront Holly’s dangerous ex themselves…

By Eastieoaks

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