Friday, October 27th, 2023 on RTE One at 8:30pm

Hayley comes clean to James about Sharon’s accusations, but he insists he’s innocent. Any niggling doubts Sharon has about James are quashed after Gwen corroborates Carol’s accusations. Carol persuades Sharon and Anto to team up against James. Anto convinces Hayley to test James’ sincerity.
Jess stops Greg from attending a prenatal ultrasound, fearing he’ll discover the true timeline of her pregnancy. Victor encourages Greg to embrace his situation, but Greg is unsettled. Ruby reveals her plan to flog illegal fireworks to Victor. Greg visits his mate Steo in prison and reveals that Jess is pregnant by someone else. Carol busts Ruby for selling fireworks in the pub. Jess receives a voicemail from Steo. 
Pete tries to convince Dolores that there’s nothing wrong with his back. Pete and Dolores hide their exhaustion from babysitting Nora from Erica and Doug. To overcompensate for their fatigue, Pete insists the regular childminding routine start immediately. Pete is forced to reveal the truth about his back pain to Dolores when he experiences another spasm. 

By Eastieoaks

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