Monday, October 30th, 2023 on BBC ONE at 7:30pm

It’s Halloween, and Linda is going big on the party plans at The Vic, despite Elaine’s fears that nobody is in the mood to celebrate due to Jay’s accident. Keanu tells Karen that he intends to put his plan into action sooner rather than later.

It’s Halloween and Linda is hosting a big party at The Vic. Elaine is worried that nobody is in the mood to celebrate because of Jay’s accident. Later, Elaine decides to motivate the customers at The Vic and start the party, as it was a tradition of Mick and Linda. However, after putting Ollie to bed, Linda goes to the kitchen and gets a huge shock.


Meanwhile, Ben is trying to protect Lexi from the reality of Jay’s situation, but Lexi insists on going to the hospital. Keanu tells Karen that he wants to start his plan soon. He asks Sharon if he can take Albie out before they leave for Abu Dhabi, but Sharon says there isn’t enough time. Dorian threatens Sharon when she refuses to pay him his finder’s fee for an event. Keanu intervenes and Sharon becomes angry with him.


Elsewhere, Rocky tells Harvey that he owes money to Nish and doesn’t know how to repay it. Harvey suggests asking for lower payments, but Nish explains that there are penalties for changing the terms of their contract.

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