Tuesday, October 31st, 2023 on BBC One at 7:30pm

The Knights are hosting a Halloween party at The Vic. Downstairs, they are unaware of the unfolding events upstairs. Sharon is waiting for Dorian to return when she is surprised to see Keanu there to support her. Dorian arrives with his friends to collect his money and warns Sharon not to go to the police or he will find her and Albie. Keanu walks Sharon home, and while she is distracted, he starts implementing his plan.

Meanwhile, Ben is at Jay’s hospital bedside, trying to make sense of what happened. Rocky is in turmoil, struggling to figure out how to handle his increasing debts, while Kathy remains oblivious. Harvey tries to offer comfort, but Rocky is overwhelmed by his situation.

BBC Dorian arrives flanked by heavies

By Eastieoaks

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