Wednesday, November 1st, 2023 on BBC One at 7:30pm

Keanu is ready to execute his plan while Karen is concerned that he might be making a mistake. He goes to Sharon’s place to pick up Albie and take him to a birthday party. Later, Sharon is upset when she hears from another mother that Keanu lied about the party and took Albie somewhere else. Keanu returns to the Square and informs Sharon that something terrible has happened. He took Albie to the park, momentarily took his eyes off him, and when he turned back, Albie was gone.

The Knights come together to support Linda during her difficult time. Meanwhile, Bernie encounters difficulties when the fuse box in the café blows out, and Kathy can’t afford to hire a professional to fix it. Nish realizes that Rocky is avoiding him and suspects that he has a gambling problem. He warns Rocky that if he doesn’t receive his money today, he will reveal everything to Kathy.

BBC Nish learns about Rocky’s problems

By Eastieoaks

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