Coming up in EastEnders, Trouble is brewing in Walford as Vinny becomes concerned about his mom, Suki, who’s clearly feeling stressed and tired. Things escalate when Priya and Ravi have a heated argument at No.41. To make matters worse, Vinny discovers that Suki forgot to pick up her anti-depressant prescription.

Meanwhile, Nish steps in to help with a passport issue for Avani. In a surprising turn of events, Priya expresses her gratitude by kissing Nish passionately, leaving him horrified. The situation takes an awkward turn when Suki and Vinny catch them in the act at the doorway.


At the Minute Mart, Suki is hurt to see Eve happy with someone else, pushing her to convince Nish to reconsider for the sake of their granddaughter. Despite private questioning from Vinny, Suki opens up about her deep unhappiness and hatred for Nish.

As tensions rise, Nish interferes with Minute Mart affairs, further infuriating Suki. Vinny, devastated by his mother’s revelations, gives his blessing for Suki to be with Eve. However, Eve is hesitant to go back to a closeted relationship, having found happiness with Tessa.

A heated argument catches Eve’s attention, leading to a conversation with Suki. Suki discloses Vinny’s approval, but Eve is conflicted about abandoning her newfound love with Tessa. Later, Suki decides to leave Nish and start afresh. As she prepares to depart, she writes a farewell letter to Nish, with Vinny providing financial support. Suki makes a final plea to Eve, but Stacey advises Eve to focus on her future with Tessa rather than dwelling on the past with Suki.

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 20 November on BBC One

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