Coming up in EastEnders, there’s the small matter of a goodbye letter that Suki has left for Nish – will he find it? Well, you’ll just have to wait and watch. However, Suki is panicked when Priya reveals she knows the truth. Trying damage limitation, Suki offers £2000 to buy her silence, but Priya hits back with a counter-offer: £3000. Suki has no choice but to accept when Priya threatens to expose Vinny to Nish.

The pair are unaware that the exchange has been seen and Nish intercepts Suki’s cash exchange with Priya and questions her motive. Later, Suki scrambles to find the funds and gives Priya £200 from the Minute Mart till but she demands the full amount or she’ll blab.

When Nish finds the till short of money, he investigates the CCTV but is horrified to discover footage of Suki and Eve kissing…

In a fit of rage, Nish smashes up The Minute Mart but before he can confront Suki , he’s stopped by Ravi and reveals all. Later, Nish reveals all to Ravi and heads back home determined to find out the truth..

How much danger are Suki and Eve in?

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 27 November on BBC One

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