Carla arrives home from a fruitless business trip to Spain, still frosty with Peter. Sarah feels guilty, knowing that it’s Stephen who ruined their reputation, but when Carla discovers that Sarah’s given Michael his job back, Sarah sticks to her guns and points out that this is not Michael’s fault. Michael reveals he’s working on some new designs but Carla’s dismissive. However when a potential new client comes in for a meeting a desperate Carla orders Michael to fetch his portfolio. Will they seal the deal? Meanwhile when Ken confides in Carla that he’s worried Peter may be drinking again, they look round the flat. Having discovered a bottle of whisky she bought missing, Carla’s concerned.

The fight to save Underworld continues ITV

With Stephen’s money seemingly vanished, Sarah and Carla realise they’ve no way of paying the staff, unless they can get the new client order out tomorrow and agree cash on delivery. But if they fail, they’re finished. Carla lies to the workers and assures them that the bank has traced the stolen money and they’ll all be paid by the end of the day but she needs them to crack on with the order. But when her lie is uncovered they all down tools, leaving Carla and Sarah begging them to reconsider, pointing out that if the order doesn’t go out, the factory will go under. Will the staff reconsider?

There are more important things than work as Carla supports Peter ITV

Peter assures Carla that he’s happy to attend his alcoholics’ meeting alone as she’s needed at the factory. Feeling guilty, Carla rushes home, telling Peter there are more important things than work and she’s coming to his meeting. Peter’s touched.

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