Friday, November 3rd, 2023 on Channel 5 at 1pm

Leah is horrified following Roo’s admission that she faked her reconciliation with Marilyn – Marilyn thinks she’s genuine! But Roo is unmoved – her only concern is keeping the truth from Alf until he gets away to Merimbula. Leah frets when Marilyn wants to book time off to take care of Roo – she can’t stand seeing Marilyn setting herself up for disappointment. But it’s too late to intervene once Alf sets off and Roo is honest with Marilyn – she doesn’t want Marilyn to help her, she wants her to move out. Marilyn is crushed.

Kirby still holds out hope that Remi and Eden will turn up to her solo launch, and Theo confirms they don’t want to go. But he encourages her – it was only one song. Focus on the people who do want to support you instead. She’s buoyed by his support.

Cash is not himself following his meeting with Anti-Corruption, and Eden tries to be sensitive to his needs. But when he mentions Harper’s involvement in the case, she’s hurt. Cash wastes no time filling her in – corrupt officers were plotting to kill Harper’s sister, and Cash has spent the last few days defending his involvement in the case. Eden feels terrible – no wonder he’s exhausted. It seems Cash will have plenty of time to rest coming up though when he takes a phone call from his superiors – he’s suspended from the force until further notice.

Tane and Felicity join Eden and Cash for dinner, but Cash can tell Tane’s distracted. Tane admits – Felicity has grown so much since they’ve been together. She has changed her mind on so many things. He wonders – where does she currently stand on having a baby? Tane works up the courage to talk to his wife the next day, and bravely broaches the topic, and Felicity is floored. Has she changed her mind about expanding their family?

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