Monday, November 6th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm

Last week a series of flashbacks revealed secrets to our audience… many of the villagers remain in the dark as to what secrets exist…

Police interviews continue this week as the police try to find the culprit for Craig’s death.

Pollard can’t help lashing out at Brenda.

Belle encourages Tom to book flights for his mum’s funeral, not noticing that he’s troubled by the prospect. Later, Tom opens up to Belle about not wanting to go to his mum’s funeral alone. He’s grateful when she agrees to accompany him.

In a Police Interview Room, Sam continues to face a grilling from the detectives after Lydia’s failure to provide him with an alibi. Back at the Dingles’, Belle, Samson and Mandy fret about Lydia’s whereabouts with Sam stuck in the police station.Sam’s left shell-shocked and devastated after Lydia tells him she’s moving out.

Tracy’s not keen to go round to Caleb’s with Nate this evening. She’s left guilty when Nate’s happy to have a night in with her instead of spending time with his uncle.

Pollard worries over a letter from Hotten General that he’s keeping hidden from Brenda. Mandy reminds Pollard that he needs to stop avoiding the issue and open up to Brenda, Mandy feels for him as he voices his fears.

Tuesday, November 7th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm

Pollard is not acting himself and lashes out at Brenda who is left baffled.

Will invites Lydia to come and stay at Home Farm. Sam fears that he’s lost Lydia for good

Vinny’s problem’s grow.

Victoria and Jacob are playing with fire as they hold hands outside the Shop; they quickly separate when David appears

Pollard can’t help lashing out at Brenda worrying over a secret letter from Hotten General he’s kept hidden from her. Pollard’s worried about being a burden on her in the future but Mandy implores him to open up to Brenda. But Pollard he’s seemingly determined to push his wife away. Brenda and David, are scratching their heads over the cause of Pollard’s mercurial moods as Pollard sets off for his appointment alone. Mandy joins him in the waiting room before the appointment that will give him his diagnosis. In his consultation he gets the news he was dreading and tries to cover his emotions in front of the consultant. Mandy gives Pollard a much-needed hug after his shattering diagnosis. Despite Mandy’s appeals Pollard is determined to protect Brenda by cutting her out of his life. That evening, back home he breaks his own and Brenda’s heart as he callously ends things between them. Soon poor Brenda is floundering as to what has happened. Soon some advice from Nicola makes matters worse for this pair?

Aaron’s threats for Vinny’s money grow more menacing, Vinny hopes that some time with Eve will mellow Aaron out. Later, at the Scrapyard, Vinny tries to get Aaron to relent on his demands for money by appealing to his good side; Aaron is quick to remind him that he doesn’t have one any more.

Caleb’s an interested observer as glammed-up Tracy shares a lunch date with Nate in the Woolie. Tracy struggles to maintain focus on her lunch date with Nate as Bernice and Caleb flirt at the bar.

Wednesday, November 8th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm

Nate’s concerned by Tracy’s stress levels as she stews about not having a mentor for her college course. Eager to help, he sends a text on her behalf.

In the cafe, Jai’s shocked and Laurel’s angered to hear from Tracy that Amit attacked Nicky because of Nicky’s sexuality. With Jai and Laurel firmly convinced Amit is a violent homophobe and wanting nothing to do with him.

Victoria’s perplexed by Jacob’s apparent lack of interest in spending time with her. Later, in the Woolie, Vic continues to be ghosted by Jacob.

Billy’s concerned when he encounters Aaron seemingly bullying Vinny. Aaron tells Vinny he’s got until tomorrow to pay up.

Thursday, November 9th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm

Soon bereft Brenda is crying on the shoulder of Nicola who bolsters her to move on and find another man. With fire in her heart and anger burning Brenda decides to do just that. Will Pollard manage to save things?

Jai hears Amit’s story.

Bernice continues to treat herself to luxurious fripperies.

Vinny’s on edge and hiding from Aaron in the one place he knows he’s unlikely to tread – The Woolpack. When Chas overhears Billy asking after Vinny’s welfare, she’s queasy to find out about her son’s bullying. Chas plays with fire as she confronts Aaron about his attempts to extort Vinny.

Tracy awaits her meeting with Ros her mentor but when she fails to show Caleb enjoys toying with Tracy’s mind… as he continues to reel her in slowly and steadily.. And later Caleb pays a furtive visit to Tug Ghyll to try and catch Tracy alone again.

Friday, November 10th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm

Scrapyard problems come to light.

Bernice‘s is seemingly guarding a secret and being furtive when she’s taking mystery phone calls.

Caleb’s happy to mention he’s rekindled things with Leyla. But is all it seems?


  • Aaron Dingle – Danny Miller
  • Amit Sharma – Anil Goutam
  • Angelica King – Rebecca Bakes
  • Arthur Thomas – Alfie Clarke
  • Belle Dingle – Eden Taylor-Draper
  • Bernice Blackstock – Samantha Giles
  • Billy Fletcher – Jay Kontzle
  • Bob Hope – Tony Audenshaw
  • Brenda Walker – Lesley Dunlop
  • Cain Dingle – Jeff Hordley
  • Caleb Miligan – William Ash
  • Carl Holliday – Charlie Joyce
  • Cathy Hope – Gabrielle Dowling
  • Chas Dingle – Lucy Pargeter
  • Consultant – Rachel Sanders
  • DC Croft – Levi Heaton
  • DS Wise – Neil Roberts
  • David Metcalfe – Matthew Wolfenden
  • Elliot Windsor – Luca Hoyle
  • Enforcement Officer – Glen Davies
  • Eric Pollard – Christopher Chittell
  • Eve Dingle – Bella James
  • Gabby Thomas – Rosie Bentham
  • Gail Loman – Rachael Gill-Davis
  • Jacob Gallagher – Joe-Warren Plant
  • Jai Sharma – Christopher Bisson
  • Laurel Thomas – Charlotte Bellamy
  • Leyla Harding – Roxy Shahidi
  • Lydia Dingle – Karen Blick
  • Mandy Dingle – Lisa Riley
  • Marlon Dingle – Mark Charnock
  • Moira Dingle – Natalie J Robb
  • Nate Robinson – Jurell Carter
  • Nicky Miligan – Lewis Cope
  • Nicola King – Nicola Wheeler
  • Paddy Dingle – Dominic Brunt
  • Rodney Blackstock – Patrick Mower
  • Sam Dingle – James Hooton
  • Samson Dingle – Sam Hall
  • Suni Sharma – Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana
  • Tom King – James Chase
  • Tracy Robinson – Amy Walsh
  • Victoria Sugden – Isabel Hodgins
  • Vinny Dingle – Bradley Johnson
  • Will Taylor – Dean Andrews

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