Monday, November 6th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm

Last week a series of flashbacks revealed secrets to our audience… many of the villagers remain in the dark as to what secrets exist…

Police interviews continue this week as the police try to find the culprit for Craig’s death.

Pollard can’t help lashing out at Brenda.

Belle encourages Tom to book flights for his mum’s funeral, not noticing that he’s troubled by the prospect. Later, Tom opens up to Belle about not wanting to go to his mum’s funeral alone. He’s grateful when she agrees to accompany him.

In a Police Interview Room, Sam continues to face a grilling from the detectives after Lydia’s failure to provide him with an alibi. Back at the Dingles’, Belle, Samson and Mandy fret about Lydia’s whereabouts with Sam stuck in the police station.Sam’s left shell-shocked and devastated after Lydia tells him she’s moving out.

Tracy’s not keen to go round to Caleb’s with Nate this evening. She’s left guilty when Nate’s happy to have a night in with her instead of spending time with his uncle.

Pollard worries over a letter from Hotten General that he’s keeping hidden from Brenda. Mandy reminds Pollard that he needs to stop avoiding the issue and open up to Brenda, Mandy feels for him as he voices his fears.


  • Belle Dingle – Eden Taylor-Draper
  • Brenda Walker – Lesley Dunlop
  • Cain Dingle – Jeff Hordley
  • Caleb Miligan – William Ash
  • DC Croft – Levi Heaton
  • DS Wise – Neil Roberts
  • Eric Pollard – Christopher Chittell
  • Lydia Dingle – Karen Blick
  • Mandy Dingle – Lisa Riley
  • Marlon Dingle – Mark Charnock
  • Moira Dingle – Natalie J Robb
  • Nate Robinson – Jurell Carter
  • Nicky Miligan – Lewis Cope
  • Sam Dingle – James Hooton
  • Samson Dingle – Sam Hall
  • Tom King – James Chase
  • Tracy Robinson – Amy Walsh

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