Tuesday, November 7th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm

Pollard is not acting himself and lashes out at Brenda who is left baffled.

Will invites Lydia to come and stay at Home Farm. Sam fears that he’s lost Lydia for good

Vinny’s problem’s grow.

Victoria and Jacob are playing with fire as they hold hands outside the Shop; they quickly separate when David appears

Pollard can’t help lashing out at Brenda worrying over a secret letter from Hotten General he’s kept hidden from her. Pollard’s worried about being a burden on her in the future but Mandy implores him to open up to Brenda. But Pollard he’s seemingly determined to push his wife away. Brenda and David, are scratching their heads over the cause of Pollard’s mercurial moods as Pollard sets off for his appointment alone. Mandy joins him in the waiting room before the appointment that will give him his diagnosis. In his consultation he gets the news he was dreading and tries to cover his emotions in front of the consultant. Mandy gives Pollard a much-needed hug after his shattering diagnosis. Despite Mandy’s appeals Pollard is determined to protect Brenda by cutting her out of his life. That evening, back home he breaks his own and Brenda’s heart as he callously ends things between them. Soon poor Brenda is floundering as to what has happened. Soon some advice from Nicola makes matters worse for this pair?

Aaron’s threats for Vinny’s money grow more menacing, Vinny hopes that some time with Eve will mellow Aaron out. Later, at the Scrapyard, Vinny tries to get Aaron to relent on his demands for money by appealing to his good side; Aaron is quick to remind him that he doesn’t have one any more.

Caleb’s an interested observer as glammed-up Tracy shares a lunch date with Nate in the Woolie. Tracy struggles to maintain focus on her lunch date with Nate as Bernice and Caleb flirt at the bar.


  • Aaron Dingle – Danny Miller
  • Bernice Blackstock – Samantha Giles
  • Brenda Walker – Lesley Dunlop
  • Cain Dingle – Jeff Hordley
  • Caleb Miligan – William Ash
  • Consultant – Rachel Sanders
  • David Metcalfe – Matthew Wolfenden
  • Eric Pollard – Christopher Chittell
  • Eve Dingle – Bella James
  • Gail Loman – Rachael Gill-Davis
  • Jacob Gallagher – Joe-Warren Plant
  • Mandy Dingle – Lisa Riley
  • Nate Robinson – Jurell Carter
  • Paddy Dingle – Dominic Brunt
  • Rodney Blackstock – Patrick Mower
  • Sam Dingle – James Hooton
  • Samson Dingle – Sam Hall
  • Tracy Robinson – Amy Walsh
  • Victoria Sugden – Isabel Hodgins
  • Vinny Dingle – Bradley Johnson
  • Will Taylor – Dean Andrews

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