Wednesday, November 8th, 2023 on ITV1 at 7:30pm

Nate’s concerned by Tracy’s stress levels as she stews about not having a mentor for her college course. Eager to help, he sends a text on her behalf.

In the cafe, Jai’s shocked and Laurel’s angered to hear from Tracy that Amit attacked Nicky because of Nicky’s sexuality. With Jai and Laurel firmly convinced Amit is a violent homophobe and wanting nothing to do with him.

Victoria’s perplexed by Jacob’s apparent lack of interest in spending time with her. Later, in the Woolie, Vic continues to be ghosted by Jacob.

Billy’s concerned when he encounters Aaron seemingly bullying Vinny. Aaron tells Vinny he’s got until tomorrow to pay up.


  • Aaron Dingle – Danny Miller
  • Arthur Thomas – Alfie Clarke
  • Billy Fletcher – Jay Kontzle
  • Brenda Walker – Lesley Dunlop
  • Caleb Miligan – William Ash
  • Eric Pollard – Christopher Chittell
  • Gail Loman – Rachael Gill-Davis
  • Jacob Gallagher – Joe-Warren Plant
  • Jai Sharma – Christopher Bisson
  • Laurel Thomas – Charlotte Bellamy
  • Mandy Dingle – Lisa Riley
  • Nate Robinson – Jurell Carter
  • Nicola King – Nicola Wheeler
  • Suni Sharma – Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana
  • Tracy Robinson – Amy Walsh
  • Victoria Sugden – Isabel Hodgins
  • Vinny Dingle – Bradley Johnson
  • Will Taylor – Dean Andrews

By Eastieoaks

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