29th January 2018

Aaron is devastated after his breakup with David, who’s still too raw to even be in the same room as him. Elly suggests Aaron make a grand gesture to prove to David there is nothing more to hide. She convinces David to meet at Lassiters and the plan is on track – until Rory finds David and accidentally on-purpose reveals how Aaron has told him about David’s past, fuelling his insecurities…

As Sonya and Toadie prepare for Nell’s first day of school, Sonya receives a devastating phone call from Jade in the States – her half-sister Zoe has cancer again, and will soon start chemo treatment. The diagnosis has put a strain on all of them and Jade pleads with Sonya to fly over and help.

30th January 2018

It’s back to school for the residents on Ramsay Street, including Shane who is signing up for night classes. This makes Sheila wistful; she regrets dropping out of school and regrets that she’s missed her opportunity for romance with Clive. Everyone else is living their life to the full while it passes her by.

EMBARGO_JAN22_Neighbours_Week5_Ep7767_01.jpg(Channel 5)

Rory claims his room has been turned upside down by Mick, an obsessed fan of Aaron’s from their Rough Trade days. Aaron is shaken by the thought that his obsessed fan has returned but Rory reassures him – as long as they stick together.

31st January 2018

Amy is annoyed after Paul’s announcement at the press conference. She complains to Leo and David that Paul’s railroaded her into project managing the Robinson Heights development – he’s controlling their lives. So she devises a plan to teach Paul a lesson.

1st February 2018

Paige and Jack arrive in Adelaide, where Jack does everything he can to support Paige through the search – but their attempts are repeatedly thwarted. No-one is answering Paige’s calls, there’s no one at Fay’s house, and a visit to Fay’s work only reveals the mysterious fact that Fay has taken extensive time off…

Neighbours Week 5 Ep 7769(Channel 5)

Piper accompanies Tyler to the Waterhole, watching from a distance (with Ben) as Tyler begins his covert operation.

2nd February 2018

Karl and Susan return from London in a grumpy mood, impatient with each other after a tension-filled holiday. Sheila picks up on the dynamic and Susan confesses over coffee: things are always tense around Izzy. She and Karl disagree over how to handle her, and it leaves Susan frustrated.

Neighbours airs week days at 5.30pm on Channel 5 with a catch up available on My5

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