Monday 5th February 2018

Tyler is questioning Fay’s story about how she murdered Hamish. Mark points out that he’s still a suspect himself, warning Tyler to leave the investigation to the police. Tyler and Piper head off on a road trip for a few days, determined to make the most of the time they have left together.

Karl stews over Paul’s bid to name the new hospital wing in honor of Helen Daniels. Susan’s attempt to explain that Paul has asked her to raise funds for the new wing. A vulnerable Karl backs down and admits he’s been worried about aging and leaving a legacy, Susan grows more understanding.

Tuesday 6th February 2018

When David sees Rory and Aaron coming out of Aaron’s in the morning, he fears the worst. But Elly convinces him to give Aaron the benefit of the doubt and talk to him. Thinking back, Elly reckons there’s just a bit too much coincidence in Rory’s moves, so she and Paige set themselves to find the truth. Cleverly tracking down Mick, they get the full story, and they take it to Aaron. Mick was never a stalker – he was shagging Rory back in the day.

Matt Wilson plays Aaron Brennan on Neighbours 2016 _05.jpg(Image ~Channel 5) Matt Wilson plays Aaron Brennan on Neighbours


Shane and Sheila have a biology quiz coming up, to gauge their level of knowledge and what needs to be covered in the upcoming year. Sheila is meticulously prepared, unlike Shane, who begins to worry that he’s going to be lagging behind the rest of the class from the outset.

Shane is feeling the pressure and hits the books hard for one last session. But he falls asleep!

Toadie is morose; depressed in the absence of Sonya and Nell. Steph thinks he needs cheering up and Gary has just the idea. They hatch a scam to rig the Wishing Tree competition and get Toadie his dream party.

Wednesday 7th February 2018

Shane has become Clive’s favorite student while Sheila has become persona non grata when Shane receives the highest mark in the class while Sheila’s results are only average. She also accuses Clive of treating her unfairly – if he’s not interested in rekindling their romance he should just say so.

Rory creates doubt in Aaron’s mind by claiming that Mick’s an unreliable source. But when Aaron surreptitiously acquires irrefutable proof that Mick’s telling the truth, Rory can no longer deny it.

Amy’s finally excited about being the new project manager for Robinson Heights and is keen to get the development up and running again.

Thursday 8th February 2018

Kirsha is dreading going to school, but she’s too scared to tell Dipi she’s being bullied. The last thing Kirsha wants is for her parents to be worrying about her. Kirsha arrives at school to find Tia is back from her suspension, and it doesn’t take long before Tia goes on the attack.

Paul asks Amy to do him a favour by offering Jayden Warley a job on the new housing project, and Amy’s suspicious. Once the new houses are sold, Amy wants Paul to agree to share some of the profits with the elderly people who were ripped off. Paul’s dismayed – he’s not running a charity.

Ben passes his driving test, but admits to Xanthe he’s been preoccupied all morning, ever since Adrian Snyder came to the garage looking for Tyler, wanting him to do another job.

EMBARGO_JAN29_Neighbours_Week6_Ep7774_03.jpg(Image~Channel 5)

But when Ben and Xanthe get home from a drive, they’re horrified to spot Clementine lying on the road, motionless. At first Ben’s scared he might’ve hit her with the car, but then Xanthe notices the cat is frothing at the mouth. And now Ben spies a message tucked into Clem’s collar

Friday 9th February 2018

Piper and Tyler return from their trip down to the Peninsula. Terese is concerned when she learns that Piper’s anxieties were triggered again during the trip. Terese doesn’t understand why Tyler agreed to go to that particular location considering it’s the place Piper was washed up after escaping Louise.

During the planning of Gabe’s naming day, Paige is disappointed by Mark’s distracted state, while Jack’s feelings for Paige continue to bubble up. At the same time, Steph is hit with the realisation that she’s fallen in love with Jack. She confesses her feelings to Toadie and tells him that she wants to take Jack to Fiji to meet Charlie.

Elly is humiliated after copping a spray from Dipi over Kirsha being bullied. Jack tries to console Elly who fears that Susan may think she’s doing a poor job of being Acting Assistant Principal, meaning she’ll never be made permanent.

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