It’s the last day before Tyler’s trial so Piper is planning a day together in the Brennan house with his brothers and friends and is puzzled when Tyler has to take care of something. When Adrian drives a catering truck into the garage, Tyler thinks it’s a quick, easy job of doctoring the plates, but plans have changed. He’s not only doing the plates, but he has to create a cavity in the floor so Banks can hide inside …

Tyler tells him it’s not enough time (and he’s expecting Aaron to collect a tyre for The Shed), Tyler finds Aaron collapsed from dehydration after over-working himself in an effort to get David off his mind. Torn between his brother’s medical emergency and the illegal job, Tyler chooses Aaron.

When Adrian returns to find the job hasn’t been started, he breaks a box of glasses and takes them to the Brennan pool, where he pours in the glass. There are near-misses for Piper and Aaron, but it’s Ben who finally steps on the glass, and Tyler is forced to admit to Piper that Adrian has been threatening him because Mark was the one who put Banks in jail.

EMBARGO_FEB5TH_Neighbours_Week7_Ep7776_05.jpg(Channel 5) Tyler finds Aaron collapsed from dehydration 

This Episode airs 12th February 2018 on Channel 5


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