Susan and Karl are at odds over Karl’s choice of an unflattering costume for Susan, and tense bickering turns to outright fury when Susan learns that Karl has liquidated their term deposit in order to donate to the hospital in his quest to have a new wing named after him.

Furious, she leaves the party. But in her angry, distracted state, she’s not paying attention as she drives out of the carpark, and hits someone. She’s shocked when that someone turns out to be Izzy. Karl escorts Izzy to hospital, where she avoids any questions about why she’s back in Erinsborough.

Susan is deeply suspicious of her agenda, and when pressed by Karl, Izzy claims to just be visiting so that Holly can continue the good times she had with Karl over Christmas. They’re interrupted by Holly arriving, and the happy family scene is witnessed by Susan. Later, Karl can’t help but suspect that perhaps Susan hit Izzy deliberately. And Susan, rather than fighting, just feels exhausted, as if once again Karl is slipping away. Meanwhile, Holly wonders when Izzy is going to tell Karl. What is Izzy’s secret?

The Neighbours late night special airs 12th February at 10pm on Channel 5


By Eastieoaks

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