(Channel 5) It’s back to the nineties when Toadie throws a Retro 21st Birthday Party.

With Lassiters transformed into a 90s wonderland Toadie’s 21st is a roaring success and the party providing Toadie welcome respite from the pressure of preparing for Tyler’s trial. Old mates Stu and Lance come to town, and his entire family makes it. However, someone is calling Stu, and when Lance sees who it is, he urges Stu: do not tell Toadie. Lance’s speech is a hilarious wonder, bringing the house down. But Stu’s speech is anything but. Aiming for irreverent humour, he instead hits mean-spirited in his talk about Sindi and the Andrea affair.

A mysterious stranger arrives at Toadie’s party, looking for Paul. But all he does is watch him across the room. Later, the stranger breaks into Paul’s penthouse to snoop around. And doesn’t leave when Paul and his family return. Instead, he lurks in the shadows, and watches Paul while he sleeps. Who is he? And what does he want with Paul?

Toadie leaves, hurt, and while he cools off in the hotel, a familiar face emerges from the shadows: Sindi. Toadie doesn’t want to talk to her, and she understands that, but she thought Toadie should know something: Andrea is back in the country. Sindi gives Toadie Andrea’s number and leaves. Stu arrives to apologise, and reveals that Sindi had been pestering him, which is why he talked about her during the speech. He’s sorry.

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The Neighbours late night special airs 12th February at 10pm on Channel 5

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