Neighbours spoilers: What game is Izzy playing?

Neighbours Week 7 Ep 7776 A(Picture Channel 5)

Tension between Karl and Susan continues and is made worse by Izzy’s ongoing presence and uncertainty over how long she’ll be staying for. When Karl and Izzy make a coffee date so Izzy can allegedly learn all about the hospital wing, Susan enlists Dipi’s help to try and glean what Izzy’s ulterior motive might be for donating and being in town.

Dipi tries her best, but Izzy is soon aware of her shadowing them and gives away nothing. Not realising that Izzy censored herself while in her earshot, Dipi suggests to Susan that she might not have an ulterior motive after all. However Izzy has suggested to Karl that she’s considering staying on permanently and he indicates he’d like to have the extra hands-on time with Holly. Little do they know that Izzy is just waiting for the right time to broach the real reason for her return. Is Izzy pregnant?

This Episode airs 20th February on Channel 5


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