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Rafael comes clean to Mishti about his history – his mother used to work for Paul in Brazil and died in a fire. Rafael was injured in that fire trying to save her. A year ago Rafael came across a diary by his mother which claimed Paul was responsible for unsafe work practices. He’s tried to get Paul arrested for the fire but Brazilian police won’t press charges. He’s come to Australia to find evidence of Paul’s continued dodgy dealings. Rafael refuses to let Mishti ask Paul about the allegations.

Mishti calls Brazil, and asks Steph and Leo about Paul’s time in Brazil but gets nothing. She tells Rafael there’s nothing she can do. Rafael warns Mishti that Paul will strike again. This does leave Mishti uneasy and she refuses a dinner invitation that would involve spending time with Paul. It also leaves Rafael furious and we’re not sure what he’ll do next.

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This Episode airs 23rd February on Channel 5

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