Steph faces the consequences of her actions

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Paige’s regret over what she has done has not lessened, but Mark rejects her attempt to reach out. His feelings of betrayal are too strong and he confesses to his brothers that he thinks he and Paige are done. Aaron and Tyler press him to reconsider, arguing that Paige loves him and that a one-time encounter with Jack can be overcome if he tries.

When Paige is delivered some hard truths by Steph and Elly, she tries to talk to Mark again––and is surprised when he not only lets her speak but returns her love and admits he wants to try to forgive her. Their hug of reconciliation is witnessed by Steph and Jack, and it’s painful for both––though for very different reasons.

Steph shuns Jack’s attempt at an apology, confiding to Toadie how humiliated she feels. It’s clear to her that he’s in love with Paige; she suspects they’ve had something going on for some time. She wants to search his room for evidence but Toadie cautions her to talk to him instead. When she visits the backpackers however, Jack’s not there. A framed photo of him with Gabe and Paige triggers her feelings of hurt and anger and she sees red––tearing his room apart.

When Leo finds it like that, he assumes it’s been vandalised and enlists Mishti to find the culprit. After discovering it was Steph, he wants to withdraw his complaint, but it’s too late because Steph has already confessed, which means she must be charged. Off the back of the charges, Steph’s visa to Fiji to likely be revoked, devastating her further. Not only has she lost her boyfriend, but she can’t visit Charlie either.

This Episode airs 20th February on Channel 5

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