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When you become a 1 man crime wave like Pat Phelan it is only a matter of time before it catches up with you and having fooled most of the street including his suspicious wife Eileen he looks to be in the clear…

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If only it wasn’t for the meddling of Seb and Gary who are sure the gun used by Phelan to killed Luke is buried in the concrete. And after locking up the security guard in a toilet get to work on smashing open the newly poured concrete


Despite their protests that the concrete conceals a gun they are promptly arrested.


Phelan is not a happy chappy when Mona arrives to tell him the concrete he poured is botched and will need to be dug out and redone.

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A panicked Phelan knows he needs to get away (and fast) and with Eileen already wanting to make a break checks out possible cottages for them.

Coronation Street234(Picture ITV) Somehow I can’t see this being a cosy home for 2

Panicking, Phelan throws his passport and a few clothes in a bag and prepares to leave but Eileen catches him and asks where he is going. Lying, he tells her that he’s popping out for fresh air and leaves her alone in the cottage. Hoping to sort things out, she follows him with a picnic but is angry when she spots him about to sail away in the boat and accidentally drops her hamper in the sea along with her car keys.

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Back in Weatherfield, Adam has arrived to represent Gary who is shocked to discover the concrete he smashed up contained bodies and that he is in the frame for murder.

Coronati2(Picture ITV) He tells Tim who leaves a voicemail for Eileen

Phelan comforts Eileen but when she gets a few bars of signal on her phone the message from Tim comes through and she’s horrified as she tries to persuade an oblivious Phelan to go back to the boat. But as she heads towards the harbor to try and call Tim back she is unaware he has followed her.

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As Eileen waits desperately by the lighthouse for Tim to answer his phone, Phelan grabs it off her just in time to hear Tim trying to warn her.

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Terrified, she shouts out where she is but Phelan throws the phone into the sea. Calling him a liar, murderer and rapist, Eileen threatens to throw the boat keys over the sea wall to stop him getting away.

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As they tussle and the rusty harbor railing gives way, is this the end of Eileen, Phelan or both?

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