Next week Coronation Street airs one of if not the most heartbreaking ever episode when Aidan Connor takes his own life.

The following is my own review of the episode that follows it.

Well, that was fucking heartbreaking and even from the spoilers ITV put out and articles in Metro and Mirror etc that was hard.

Unlikely stand out characters in this episode are Roy and Gail (who being a long-term street resident has seen a lot over the years) even those who didn’t get much screentime with Aidan are shown in a completely new light as you realize how much they need each other now.

(Picture ITV) The Connors unite in grief

There isn’t a poor performance from anybody in this episode and given just how tough this must have been to film given the nature of the story, they do it brilliantly.

In my opinion this will rank as one of the best episodes for a long time to come.

Faye Brooks plays the part of someone struggling to understand what is happening and refusing to believe its true, in such a moving way you can easily forget what you are watching is a drama series.

Catherine Tyldesley gives a standout perforamnce and one of her best in nearly 7 years as Eva.

(Picture ITV)

Jack has always played the stories he has been given with such strength and this is no different as he opens up to Shona about his struggles.

Final thoughts

For a show nearly 6 decades old, being able to pull off such stories is a credit to the writers and everyone on this show and why its deserving of its awards and accolades.

This episode airs Wednesday 9th May on ITV1 at 7:30pm

By Eastieoaks

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