The following is my own review of Aidan’s final episode.

Shayne Ward gives a brilliant performance in this last episode as Aidan as he tries to make those around him happy from his Dad to Liam while hiding what he is planning to do and there are scenes in the rovers where he is sitting there everyone laughing and joking around him being completely oblivious to his struggle.

That is a cold harsh reality of it you can be in a room with a family that loves you to bits while feeling completely alone.

(Picture ITV) Aidan tries to make peace with Eva

I can definitely recommend having tissues at the ready for his final scene.

Stand out characters in this episode for me has to be Rita and Kate

This episode has humor woven through it with scenes from Craig, Kayla, and Bethany so it is not completely focused on one family.

Final thoughts

I don’t think Corrie could make this anymore emotional if they tried everybody gives an incredible episode and you can really feel the emotion.

This episode airs Monday 7th May on ITV1 at 8:30pm

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