Channel 4’s award-winning The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds returns, with a brand new two-part special revealing how children learn the difference between right and wrong. Watching the drama unfold and offering expert insight, are Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Kilbey and Educational Neuroscientist Prof. Paul Howard-Jones.

In the first episode a new class have to decide whether it’s ever okay to cheat and what to do when one of the group makes a surprising confession? When the dressing box comes out, it’s not long before Donald Trump makes an appearance in the nursery, but what do the children think of the most powerful man in the world? And when division and arguments break out in the playground, can any of the 5 year olds find a way of reuniting the group?

In Episode 1 we catch up with the kids


Kye lives in Essex with mum Laura, a hairdresser, dad Adam, a project manager in a housing association and little brother Casey, 3. His half siblings Sophie, 13 and Charlie, 9, visit every other weekend.

Kye is a very happy chappy, who always has a smile on his face. He’s happy to fall in with whatever the boys want to do and particularly likes quite rough play, including wrestling and football. At times, he might be quite sensitive and take things to heart, but his sensitivity means he is always happy to share and let everybody have their turn to speak.

(Picture Channel 4) Kye and Ella


Ella lives in Berkshire with stay-at-home mum Carmen and dad Ka, who owns a bike shop. She is an only child.

Ella is eager to please and always first to put her hand up in class. She wants to do well and gets on with both boys and girls. Giggly Ella is popular amongst her peers and a keen follower of the rules. Ella always wants to learn as much as possible. She attends extra-curricular classes at Chinese school and also takes violin lessons.


Elsa lives in Newcastle with mum Jenny, a speech and language therapist, dad John, an interior designer and younger sister Iris, 15 months.

Elsa is a gregarious and bubbly girl. She’s outgoing and can be bossy at times, organising her friends’ play. She can be direct if she thinks something is unfair and won’t be afraid to speak up. Generally she’s in control of her emotions and her silly sense of humour means she gets along with anyone.


Freddie lives in Manchester with his mum Sheila who works in local government, dad Richard, a communications officer for an airline and little brother Albert, 2.

Freddie is very strong-willed and a great team player. He will always get himself to the forefront of any games that are going on and loves to cheer his team mates on. Freddie has been identified as gifted at his school, where he loves any opportunity to play with new children.


Jasmin lives in Liverpool with mum Claire, a student social worker, dad Phillip, a carer at a residential home for the elderly and two brothers Phillip, 9 and Reuben 6.

Jasmin loves to boss her brothers and peers around. She’s cheeky, but with a lovable charm that she uses to get herself out of trouble. She is always laughing and drawn to children who have a sense of humour and lots of energy. She particularly likes going to her dance class and enjoys creative writing.

(Picture Channel 4) L-R Sienna, Iris, Zarianmarcel, Nathaniel, Ella, Millie, Elsa and Luke B.

The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds airs on Channel 4 (Tonight) Tuesday 8 May at 8pm.


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