Well, one of my top police shows Juliet Bravo from the 80’s kicked off on the Drama Channel and it was just every bit as enjoyable as I remembered it Stephanie Turner played Inspector Jean Darblay for 3 series until she was replaced.

Don’t ever open a car door for me or an office door, I can do that for myself!’

Right from the beginning, she was out to prove that being female wasn’t a handicap to the job of a Police Inspector.

uktv_48260374984b.jpg(Picture BBC)

Juliet Bravo airs weekdays 10 am on Drama Channel and a catchup is available on UKTV Play


Holby City and with what feels like an ever decreasing cast it was a strong episode and I do enjoy Hanssen, not really sure what the point of having Flecther’s kid “Mikey” keep popping up is (someone send him to school).

Another episode has passed without a return from Jac and more of Sheilagh who’s storyline I feel is starting to drag either kill her off or send her home.

(Picture BBC)

Catch up on this episode here


Taskmaster was back for a 6th Series and did so without showing any signs of slowing down the addition of pun master Tim Vine and comedian Russell Howard proving why this is top telly viewing.

Taskmaster S6 Ep1(Picture UKTV/Avalon/Andy Devonshire) “Blood and fucking acid” what a combo for poor Russell

(Picture UKTV/Avalon)

Tim Vine’s contribution of “fizzy Benylin” was a laugh out loud moment for me.

Taskmaster is available for a catch up on UKTV Play


Emmerdale and the delight of thinking smug Joe Tate might get wiped out was a watch and see moment but sadly we weren’t lucky enough.

Video preview- Thu 3 May 7pm(Picture ITV)


Friday Night Dinner was back for a 5th series with the laughs a plenty and in this series

(Picture Channel 4)

Mum and Dad get a hot tub, much to the horror of Adam and Jonny, Adam accidentally sets his car on fire, Jonny won’t stop prank-calling, Adam, Dad becomes obsessed with his old, terrifying ventriloquist dummy, Mum organises her own, terrible surprise party, Jim goes on a date from beyond hell, Horrible Grandma comes back for more horribleness – and the family have dinner.


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