Daz worries about getting hold of the ransom money and before going to meet with Amelia’s kidnapper, he breaks into the garage and picks up a spanner, heading off with malicious intent. An armed Daz waits for Amelia’s kidnapper but she flees on spotting his weapon. Soon kidnapper Beth panics when Amelia sneaks out and charges after her and she tells her about Daz killing her father.

03_07_emm_beth_amelia_daz_01.jpg(Picture ITV)

When Daz spots them both, Amelia is torn when Beth tells her to run. What will Amelia do?

03_07_emm_beth_amelia_daz_03.jpg(Picture ITV)

Later, Daz is left shocked and bewildered when he is arrested but will Kerry, Daz and Bernice believe he is behind the kidnapping? Or will the truth about Beth be revealed?

03_07_EMM_DAZ_ARREST_03a.JPG(Picture ITV)

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday 2nd July on ITV

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