If anyone has reason to be wary it is Lachlan White as he continues to hide his murderous secrets while trying to find out who is behind his sinister texts.

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A fearful Lachlan wonders who is behind the texts. When he spots Liv with her phone he looks murderous as he assumes it’s her and soon discreetly fiddles with the carbon monoxide detector in Mill Cottage. Liv, oblivious, sits down with her laptop, unaware of the carbon monoxide leak.

The next day Lachlan wonders if his plan to kill Liv and Robert has worked. But soon Lachlan is panicked to realise baby Seb is in Mill Cottage and fast heads there to try and retrieve him. A bleary Liv confronts him and he pushes her, Liv falls banging her head.

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Lachlan looks at both Liv and Robert unconscious and exits the house with a grim satisfaction, leaving them both for dead.

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Lachlan, thinks he’s dealt with it but suddenly Rebecca shows up and Lachlan realises he has a new problem to deal with… Before long, Lachlan is standing by his car armed with a bloody spanner with his latest victim in the boot.

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Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 16th July

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