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This week episodes, will see a tough week for Eva and The Connors with Aidan’s inquest which leads to  Eva’s departure from Weatherfield.

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In the first episode of the week, we see the news of Eva’s departure spreading (but she will return!) leaving Johnny thinking that he may never be able to see his granddaughter again. But you have bought this all on yourself, Johnny after the kidnapping don’t forget! But in the second episode, we hear Johnny telling Kate and Michelle that’s he’s not going to be standing up in court and making out that his son, Aidan wasn’t in a sound mind (when he give the factory to Alya) but with his granddaughter, Susie gone he says that no longer cares about what happens with the factory. Really Johnny, I doubt this very much.

In Wednesday’s episodes, we get to see that The Connors are vowing to fight on with Jenny urging Johnny to not give up on fighting for the factory and he’s son, Aidan’s legacy as Eva may one day let him be involved in his granddaughter Susie’s life. But in the second episode, we see a very desperate Johnny trying to see Susie with him vowing to do all he can to get Eva to come back to the inquest, so that he can see his granddaughter for one last time. Will Eva agree and let Johnny see Susie?

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In the first of Friday’s double, we see that memories will be being dredged up for The Connors as it’s the day of Aidan’s inquest but The Connors are relieved to see Eva arrive last minute with baby Susie and Adam in tow as well. Johnny and Eva give their evidence one after another.

In Friday’s episode, we see the departure of Eva as she saying her final goodbyes where she is seen saying an emotional goodbye with Kate, who are reunited by their love for Aidan. Toyah is then seen begging Eva to stay in Weatherfield but Eva says that it would be the best thing for everyone if she leaves. We then see Johnny who is apologising to Eva for the snatching of Susie which he did. I can feel an emotional scene between them coming as they leave.

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