Rob and Emma are called out following the death of an elderly man from a fall down the stairs. Marty Reece is found by his carer, Juliet Radnor – it looks like he tripped. Rob asks Juliet to give a statement when she finishes work that afternoon but in the meantime, local busybody Barbra Donnelly makes an accusation to Emma about Juliet stealing from her and murdering Marty to inherit his money.

Rumour has it that she is the sole beneficiary of Marty’s Will. She shares her relief that she can do without a full-time carer, but poor Marty couldn’t – his arthritis was so bad, his hands were almost useless.

Juliet bursts into tears and then admits that Marty was alive when she arrived and insists that she would never have hurt Marty – she cared about him.

Is Juliet telling the truth?

Doctors air this episode on Friday 21st September

By Eastieoaks

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