James opens up to Karen and tells the heart-breaking story of what life was like on the streets for him.

James relives to Karen the events leading up to him ending up on the street. He ends up on the streets and after a few nights alone he meets Ned. James is very wary of him but Ned genuinely wants to help him. Ned is an alcoholic and prone to depression. One night while on his own James is badly beaten by three youths. Ned takes him to St Phil’s but refuses to go inside with him.

16554702-low-doctors-201819.jpg(Picture BBC)

Rob and PC Ella Bradley investigate reports about a missing homeless man whose sleeping bag has been set on fire. PC Bradley scoffs it’s hardly the crime of the century. They find an unconscious homeless man lying in an alleyway. He has been badly beaten. It’s James’ friend, Ned. Rob and Ella find some CCTV showing the attack by 3 youths but their faces are covered.

As Ella believe thinks the attackers have done everyone a favour in removing one less homeless person from the streets leaving Rob to call her out for being so callous.

Doctors air this episode on Wednesday 3rd October.

By Eastieoaks

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