A trip out for lunch ends in disaster and the lives of Mrs Tembe, Al and Heston are left hanging in the balance.

Tensions are still high but when the biscuit wars threaten to escalate once again Al steps in. Conceding defeat Heston invites Mrs Tembe out for lunch to resolve their recent differences.

When Al’s chosen beer is off the menu, Al protests by drinking water – therefore allowing Mrs Tembe and Heston to share a bottle of claret. Al is quite excited to get his hands on Heston’s beloved Jag. After lunch Heston is regretting his decision, but has had too much wine to drive – Mrs Tembe and Al are astonished that he would even consider driving.

They are all thanking each other for a lunchtime well spent when Al hits a sharp bend in the road, the tyres skid on mud, and the car takes off, spinning out of control, through a hedge and landing in an adjacent field. As the dust settles the car lies still and silent, with no sign of movement from inside.

16818070-low-doctors-201819.jpg(Picture BBC)

Will everyone make it out alive?

Catch this episode on Friday 9 th November 2018

By Eastieoaks

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