Emmerdale – 7:00pm

Victoria convinces Matty to join her and Ellis at the for New Years Eve party. Matty is left reeling when Isaac, an ex, verbally attacks him. Matty heads out onto Main Street. Outside the café, Matty is left shaken and vulnerable as Isaac and his friends attack him in the street, tearing open his shirt. Matty is humiliated and runs off into the dark.

Harriet continues her search for Dawn. Wanting to help, Ryan makes a call to Dawn’s phone pretending to be a punter. Later, Harriet and Ryan arrive in a rough end of town. She convinces Ryan to stay in the car as she goes to find Dawn.

In the Woolpack, a stressed Charity is getting help as she applies the finishing touches to the Woolpack bar for Ryan’s surprise party. There is a tense atmosphere as everyone awaits Ryan’s arrival.. Giving up on her grand gesture she kicks everyone out of the pub. Ryan arrives at the Woolpack, shocked to see the decorations for his party. Emotional Charity explains to Ryan she wanted to make his first birthday that they would spend together special.

Tracy worries about the Pizza and Prosecco night.

Belle receives an anonymous text.

Coronation Street – 7:30pm

Peter summons Dev and Kirk to the snooker hall but when the pair spot an eerie skull in the dark room, they flee in terror. Content he has got his own back, Peter thanks Carla for her help in scaring them. Carla warns Peter that the snooker hall is a money pit and challenges him to a game of snooker, suggesting if she wins he pulls out of the sale. Over a charged game, temperatures rise as they relive their past. The chemistry still very much alive between them will the pair admit their feelings?

Kate is behind the Rovers bar when Imogen enters the pub and kisses her on the cheek. A saddened Rana watches Kate head off into town with Imogen and Imran and Toyah urge Rana to go after her. Tipsy, Rana confesses to Kate that she still loves her. As Gemma leads the countdown to midnight, will Kana reunite?

Lewis tells Audrey he’ll meet her in the Rovers in an hour’s time, but when he is late with a flimsy excuse, Audrey’s disbelieving and heads out upset. Finding Gail in her garden watching the fireworks, Lewis tells her he’s had enough of her interfering, leaving her terrified.

EastEnders – 8:00pm

It’s the day before Mel and Ray’s wedding and as Mel puts the final pieces of her plan into place, she grows concerned that Ray is getting suspicious and asks Shirley to distract him from coming home. Mel returns home where emotions get the better of her and believing she’s home alone, she rants to herself about Ray. She is stunned however when Hunter overhears forcing her to try and cover .

As the festivities get underway at The Vic, Louise asks Bex to buy her alcohol but as the night goes on, she makes a scene in front of Keanu and Ray.

Tiffany tries to make it up to Bernadette who is upset after Tiffany stood her up once again for Evie.

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