A new face joins the ED while another gets a diagnosis that changes everything

A new face in the ED this week in the form of Archie Hudson (Genesis Lynea) who wasted no time in rubbing people up the wrong way including Connie. It was Elle who voiced her suspicious mind and questioned why Archie would move hospitals and deaneries so late in her training rotation?.

Duffy was far from having a good day when a consultant diagnosed Duffy with the early stages of Vascular Dementia and how it was likely to progress then informed her she should probably tell the NHS Trust.

Back in the ED Archie was given her first, albeit difficult patient to deal with Trina Frazier (Donnaleigh Bailey) who was suffering from a cut arm but no time to actually deal with this injury as Connie called and Archie was needed.

Pregnant Denise (Sadie Pickering) and her husband, Shane (Colin Parry), are rushed in from a house fire. Shane was making his wife a fry up when he had a Tonic-clonic seizure and accidentally caused the fire.

We were then treated to Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) making a swift exit from a patient who Jade stepped in for and found Dylan debriding a wound with larvae therapy – not the sort of thing you wanna see while eating.

Next, we had Ropey (Mim Shaikh) who did a vanishing act after falling from a balcony.

Back in the ED, we saw a fascinated Jade take photos of the maggots for a patient, Campbell (Thom Jackson-Wood) who quickly has a change of heart when he sees the photo of the maggots at work.

Connie explained that the glowing reference wasn’t as shiny as Archie had made out and Archie promised Connie that there won’t be any issues with her attitude.

Having problems logging into her account, Archie headed to IT to solve the issue. The induction instructor she walked out on however got the last laugh as Archie cannot get a staff ID or log in until she has completed all her induction modules.

Next, we had Archie helping Duffy treat Ropey who is dismissive of him, noting nothing wrong but a potentially broken wrist, despite Duffy’s concerns.

Trina interrupted by taking a photo of them, as evidence of her wait, which Duffy manages to convince her to delete.

Back with Shane, an unhappy Archie berated him when she learned that he had a fit because he stopped taking his medication in favour of vitamins and herbs found on the internet.

Meanwhile, Denise refused a CT scan, believing it might harm her baby (despite it being low risk late in the pregnancy) Archie stepped in and thought that getting Shane to talk to her might help.

A persistent Charlie noted that Duffy still hadn’t got the beds cleared which led her getting snappy with him and admitted to him what she had been told by the consultant but was being careful to ensure her work remained high standards.

Shane managed to convince Denise to get her CT scan while Ropey was trying to fend off Kevin (Andrew Paul) whose house he was robbing when he fell.

Duffy wasn’t happy and let it be known that she had a problem with the care Archie was giving.

With Denise bleeding internally and in distress Duffy’s Midwifery skills were needed and while all this is happening Connie was continuing to keep a watchful eye on things.

Archie went to find Duffy who found her with Ropey, quickly deteriorating from an undiagnosed basal skull fracture. Passing him over to Charlie, Archie and Duffy went back to assist Denise.

Meanwhile, Jade ran into Campbell again who was on his way to burns and plastics, explained that larvae therapy would cut his treatment time in half and convinced him to try again.

During the delivery, Archie managed to get a chance to shine when clamping Denise’s renal artery. Archie was soon brought back to earth by Connie who informed her that Trina was unhappy with her treatment. Connie was forced to intervene when a bitchy Archie started having a go at Trina.

Charlie was trying his best but not getting very far when he changed to rota to remove Duffy from doing night shifts and pulled rank on her to keep her diagnoses between them for now.

The episode ended with Archie having survived her first day and explaining to Connie that she left her last hospital after emailing the CEO and consultants after the death of her overworked best friend which was ruled an “accidental overdose” and while she can live with one she won’t tolerate any more patient complaints.


By Eastieoaks

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