1. There is another new face in the ED this week as paediatric locum registrar Will Noble (Jack Nolan) joins and immediately butts heads with Archie. Archie is not fooled by his charm offensive and keeps a close eye on Will.

2. A busy day sees a woman Kath brought in who has fallen on some rebar and a teenage patient named Toby with a bleed that won’t clot.

3. Duffy confronts Charlie about keeping her on admin and making her look bad to the other nurses but he insists that they need to be careful and sends her home.

Casualty Charlie and Duffy.jpg(Picture: BBC)

4. Will again tries to get Toby to open up and call his mum so that he can explain Toby’s diagnosis but from the secrecy, Toby soon figures out that he must be very ill.

5. Robyn asks desperately for an extra set of hands and when Kath injuries exacerbated by fighting and takes a turn for the worse which results in her being rushed to theatre.

6. The pressure gets too much for Charlie who berates Jade when she comments on how Duffy gets to go home while the rest are still working.

7. Archie chastises Will for swanning through life avoiding responsibility as a locum.

Written by Nick Fisher and directed by Paul Riordan this episode airs 30th March 2019 on BBC One

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