It took about 10 seconds for new locum Will (Jack Nolan) to clash with Archie and it seems he already knows Ethan, he was quick to play nice with the staff by treating them to coffees and getting to know them.

Archie was not fooled by his charm offensive and keeping a close eye on him.

Marty was away as was Jacob and an overstretched Charlie said to ask for help if needed, he then lied to Duffy and got her to do his paperwork.

Kath had been fighting with sister Mel and fallen on some rebar. With the rebar so close to an artery, Kath needed constant supervision and Jade suggested calling in Duffy, Charlie volunteered himself

Toby knew something was wrong when Will insisted he calls his mum and correctly guesses that he has leukaemia he didn’t want his mum who was enjoying a day out with his younger twin brothers.

WILL TOBY.jpg(Picture: BBC)

Toby’s mum Jackie arrived questioning Archie and Will on their expertise she only backed off after some pushing from Toby who begged her to spend time with his brothers.

Charlie was insistent on keeping Duffy off cases and on admin.

Kath and Mel actually lost their mothers ashes and they got replaced with tea.

Some happier news Iain has been discharged and Gem moved in to look after him.

Robyn was desperately asking for an extra set of hands and again instead of calling on Duffy, Charlie shouted at her telling her to wait for him to return.

Having heard good things about Will, Connie tells him to apply for the consultant job but he declines, preferring the carefree locum lifestyle. When Archie reminds Will of his promise to Toby, he runs to the haematology ward but Toby’s chemo session has already finished and he just wants to be left alone.

Archie chastises Will for breaking his promise and swanning through life avoiding responsibility as a locum.

WILL-091283131(Picture: BBC)

The pressure of meeting ED targets on his shoulders, Charlie complains to the nurses about how behind they have been. When Jade points out that Duffy gets to go home while the rest are still working, Charlie berates her in front of everyone.

Furious that Jade would dare to speak to him that way, Charlie storms out, shouting at all the ED staff to get on with their jobs.

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