1. David confronts Charlie about his attitude problem and when backed into a corner David pushes back but accidentally pushes Charlie to the floor, just as the ED staff burst in.

2. With Duffy still seconded to work on admin, Jade is left to look after a patient, Lyn (Teresa Zaylor), on her own who is covering the fact that she has been diagnosed with MS.

3. A decision is made for Iain, is he fit to return to work and Gem reluctantly admits to Jan that she doesn’t believe that Iain is ready to return to work. Iain is furious until Jan gives him an offer he cannot refuse.

Image4.jpg(Picture: BBC)

4. After losing control of her limbs, Lyn accidentally backs her car towards Susie (Sophie Austin) who luckily dives out of the way. Charlie is horrified when shorthanded; David calls on Duffy to give Susie a scan to check if her baby is ok.

5. Connie is shocked when a paramedic is attacked by an unknown assailant.

6. With the nursing shortage, Jade is stretched thin and is also distracted after finding out that her nursing registration is on hold because she stole a car when she was 16.

7. Rash treats elderly patient Belle (Susie Blake) who is brought in by her son Colin, having been disorientated and experiencing momentary blindness.

8. Duffy confronts Charlie and is disappointed that he already doubts her ability, she assures him that she is okay and doesn’t want any special treatment or his pity.

9. Dylan steps up to give Jade a reference following her help and interest in maggot therapy.