Victoria gives birth to Princess Louise whilst the mob riots outside.

Bertie fears Victoria will die after Vicky explains primogeniture. Albert disperses the trouble, but it is clear they are not safe in London. Romance grows between Patrick and Abigail, but she is surprised when he calls for forceful action from the Chartists. Wellington visits Victoria to persuade her to station troops against the Chartists, which Victoria refuses.

When police discover hundreds of rifles in the Chartist Hall, Patrick is arrested. Skerrett is torn between her old life and new when Francatelli buys the hotel and organises a special marriage license. Victoria signs the order to mobilise the troops when she learns of the rifles.

Louis Philippe frightens the children with stories of revolution and Albert is furious; the King has only brought trouble with him. Sophie’s carriage is overturned by the mob but Palmerston comes to her rescue. Palmerston tells Victoria that Lord Melbourne would have advised that her safety was more important than her popularity.

Feodora tries on Victoria’s jewels and uses Albert to ensure she stays with the royal household after a fight with Victoria. Albert tells Victoria he can protect her at Osborne. Louis Philippe departs. He tells Victoria that family is more important than a crown, and in turn, she asks Feodora to stay. Joseph observes the Duke of Monmouth torment Sophie. Victoria must explain the power of destiny to Bertie when he tells her he doesn’t want to be King. Skerrett and Francatelli marry secretly.

Abigail believes Patrick was an agent provocateur and tells Victoria of her discovery, but Victoria fails to convince Albert. The day of the Chartist march; soldiers line the streets and the royal household leaves Buckingham Palace. Victoria stops her carriage and orders the Chartists be allowed to present their petition. Did Palmerston play a part in the rifle set-up? They arrive at Osborne; a beautiful creation.

A telegram arrives; the Chartists peacefully presented their petition to Parliament. Victoria fears that fleeing to the Isle of Wight makes her look like a coward and feels she has failed her people.


Victoria Jenna Coleman
Prince Albert Tom Hughes
Duke of Wellington Peter Bowles
Lord John Russell John Sessions
Lord Palmerston Laurence Fox
Duke Charles of Monmouth Nicholas Audsley
Abigail Turner Sabrina Bartlett
Joseph David Burnett
Princess Feodora Kate Fleetwood
Skerrett Nell Hudson
Francatelli Ferdinand Kingsley
Brodie Tommy Knight
King Louis Philippe Vincent Regan
Penge Adrian Schiller
Duchess Sophie of Monmouth Lily Travers
Lord Alfred Paget Jordan Waller
Lady Emma Portman Anna Wilson-Jones
Princess Vicky Louisa Bay
Prince Bertie Laurie Shepherd
Lady Lyttelton Siobhan O’Carroll
O’Connor Ben Cartwright
Cuffay CJ Beckford
Patrick Kerr Logan
Police inspector Cameron Jack
William Monmouth Gregory Mann

By Eastieoaks

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