The Durrells returns to ITV this Sunday for a fourth and final series 

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As the new series begins, Louisa has opened the doors of the villa as a boarding house and Basil and two Australian dancers have become official guests. To save money, the girls instantly move into Larry’s room – much to his delight – but it’s soon clear that Basil has become the most pernickety guest ever.

The family warm to mysterious guests Lazaros Vangalotos until Theo reveals he is a wanted man. Knowing he is being framed for his actions, the Durrells strive to help Vangalotos escape the island.

Meanwhile, Gerry acquires a new pet in the form of Ulysees the owl and proclaims he is going to open a zoo and feeling she needs more from her life, Margo embarks on a new project to work as a hairdresser.

ITV3 gets a brand new 4-part series The Comedy Years

The Comedy Years will look back at how comedy shaped and defined specific years over the past 4 decades. The four years covered in the series will be 1979, 1984, 1998 and 2003.

Each of the hour-long shows will mix classic comedy archive with social history and pop culture nostalgia. They will show how each year’s comedy reflected a changing Britain – from the Thatcher era of satire of Not The Nine O’clock News and Spitting Image to groundbreaking comedy series like The Royle Family, The Young Ones and The Office.

New Prison drama ‘Clink’ for 5-Star

Clink – which will air on 5Star – is a ten-part drama set in a female prison.

(Picture: Channel 5)

Featuring stars such as Suzanne Packer (Casualty), Theo Graham (Hollyoaks) and Trudie Goodwin (The Bill).

Episode One kicks off the drama straight away with a pregnancy, a collapse and a new girl who is not only locked-up but knocked up.


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