The home of stone-cold prison drama, 5STAR airs the punch-packing seventh season of the hit Australian drama set among the increasingly broken inmates of the titular correctional facility. Tense, unforgiving and frequently devastating, Wentworth’s walls are no strangers to bloodshed.

In the wake of an act of extreme violence, Kaz is assigned therapy with Dr Miller. The session helps her to dig deep into the reasons behind her behaviour, as well as shining a light on the roots of her most keenly defended ideology.

Things don’t look good for Rita, who clashes with a new inmate over a dangerous secret. Meanwhile, Jake faces a blast from the past when a new officer joins the team, but it seems some things are better consigned to the dustbin of history.

As Kaz’s journey of atonement continues, Dr Miller helps her to address the past pain she has caused. The ensuing catharsis opens Kaz’s eyes to a heartbreaking revelation.

(Pictures: Channel 5)

This Episodes airs on 5Star 22nd June 10pm

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