If ever there was a time when Gemma needs her mum it’s now, being pregnant with quadruplets is going to be tough to cope with for her and Chesney so all the help she can get should be gratefully received right?

WRONG, Welcome Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) who meets up with her daughter and offers to go baby shopping with her, however Jane might have played a decent character in Casualty as paramedic Dixie but her new role is less law abiding when Bernie is caught shoplifting.

Is Bernie wrecking her chances of reconnecting already?

We won’t have to wait much longer for Bernie’s arrival which is on the 24th July, As the customers make cash donations towards the babies futures Chesney plucks up the courage and tells Gemma he never stopped loving her and wants to try again.

But as he leans in for a kiss, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Gemma’s Mum, Bernie, who reveals she’s about to be made homeless and needs money.

When Gemma offers her the cash from the charity collection Chesney’s appalled.

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